A funny foul-mouthed, sex-obsessed, back-stabbing comedy about preschool enrollment. “Clerks meets The Breakfast Club with parental angst.” — Quick Stop Entertainment Inspired by real events,…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

6 Responses to The Waiting List – a comedy about parenting (Full Movie)

  • Lelynn Miller says:

    1 thing bothered me bout this movie. Im a mother myself & this 1 guy on
    here has 2 kids, he was explainin dora the explorer 2 another guy wit the
    issue wit swiper. he said swipers a raccoon, swipers a fox.boots would even
    say “that sneaky fox is always tryin 2 swipe r stuff” DUHHHHHH!!!

  • Khamprasong Vo says:

    So is the teenager pregent or what

  • FrontAveProductions says:

    You can turn the annotations on/off in the toolbar. It’s the icon that
    looks like a speech bubble. YouTube won’t allow you to turn the annotations
    off by default, so unfortunately you have to turn them off manually.

  • Katie says:

    lol, thanks.

  • Kirsten Hetzel says:

    Fuck! Has anyone seen my keys?

  • Joe T says:

    This film was being shown in Portland while I was in Iraq, so grateful that
    it was put online and I could watch. Thank you!


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