Watch Bethenny’s full interview with Naomi — a woman who breastfeeds her 5-year-old son — and Alanis Morissette, who has been a big proponent of attachment…
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29 Responses to Reba – 5×12 – Parenting With Puppets

  • Cocoa Bunniiee says:

    if barber jean said: knock knock i would of said:you out side the head 

  • Dillon Belisle says:

    Get out and take Chucky with you! hahaha!

  • Alexander Pezzullo says:


  • JDWolfman12271 says:

    I wish Reba was my aunt, it’d be fun to have an aunt with a southern

  • Alexander Pezzullo says:


  • James N. O'Sullivan says:

    Jake’s an angel! HENRY’S THE DEVIL! WAAAAAGGGGHHHH! This was the first
    episode I ever watched. Needless to say, I was hooked.

  • JDWolfman12271 says:

    “You’re buh buh buh buh buh buh Bananas” LOL

  • Kee Leicthle says:

    i really like reba’s hair here :)

  • allison hoeksema says:

    the part about dwarf tossing can be highly offensive to some people

  • CaitlinMarie Fraze says:

    Happy 59th Birthday Reba

  • tia epps says:

    henry is kinda like jake when he was little

  • itsprobablypunk says:

    Henry deserves a spanking and so dose jake and BJ

  • mark mccormick says:

    Reba spanked Barbra jean too funny

  • RamblenRedRose says:

    Oh that red hot temper

  • spokanegirl2011 says:

    BJ: ding

  • Maleko Lafitaga says:


  • Stacey Davis says:

    the girl who shared that her nephew did not want to talk about his
    breastfeeding relationship states that her nephew is 14! does that not a
    ring a bell to her that that could be why he does not want to talk about
    it. Sounds like a normal 14 year old boy. lets see how he feels about his
    breastfeeding relationship when he is an actual adult. There is nothing
    wrong with nursing for as long as mom and baby want to. It builds security,
    trust and a great foundation for a wonderful relationship.

  • Dana Brady says:

    I breast fed my daughter until she was 2 and I then weaned her. She was
    ready. My son is 6 months old and I plan to go the same length. But I do
    not think that it is a problem to go until about 4 or 5 but that should be
    the limit.

  • Jessica Kafle says:

    People’s reactions to breastfeeding a toddler is hilarious in America. I
    know people who have been breastfed to 6-7-8 years old and this very common
    where I come from. 4 is the average age to wean. The kids don’t have
    psychological issues, and are all very independent. My friend was breastfed
    till 8 years old… Right now she lives in another country from her mom,
    she works, travels, is a very kind and extremely independent woman at 32.
    People in America just have no perspective when it comes to nursing… And
    of course… Boobs are seen primarily as sexual objects. Ugh. 

  • Katie Dubbs says:

    I think attachment parenting is really great and helpful for kids up to six
    months or maybe even a year. But kids 2 or over need independence and to
    experience the world in their own way. It is harmful for kids to be
    sheltered this way and it’s not realistic for kids to learn on par in their
    age development-wise when this is going on. The only thing this is
    benefiting is the mother. She is getting an emotional need met this way and
    in my opinion this is selfish because the mother is putting this need over
    her child’s developmental needs.

  • Jhimly Bhattacharya says:

    Reminds me of all the disturbing scenes from Game of Thrones (Lysa and her
    kid). No offence but this is not for me.

  • Jessmarie82 says:

    There have been ZERO studies showing breastfeeding at any age causes any
    psychological damage. It is not a sexual act at any age. Just as broccoli
    doesn’t lose nutritional value when you are older, neither does breastmilk.
    Pumping is a pain and many women can’t produce that way. You can’t teach
    independence. It’s a developmental milestone just like walking and talking.
    Attachment parenting is simply being responsive to your child’s needs. Some
    people do this through bottle feeding. Some people gradually wean their
    babies after 6 months to a year. Some people breastfeed for 2-3 years.
    There is no right way to be an attachment parent. You just have to
    acknowledge your child’s needs and fulfill them in a way that balances your
    child’s needs with the rest of the family and treat your kids with the
    respect you show any other human being. Just as we adults have different
    needs, so do children and it’s common sense that the earlier needs are met
    the less unresolved issues from childhood causing problems in adulthood.
    That’s why children with secure attachments grow up to be well adjusted,
    independent adults. It’s amazing how many people will judge a breastfeeding
    mama before someone giving their child a soda!

  • Brittany Sanchez says:

    wow alanis looks great

  • Mary Hollingsworth says:

    a five year boy should not be breastfeeding they need to have their own
    soothing skills why does a five year old have to suck momma’s breast
    because they had a problem?? this is about the mom speaking to the
    woman in the audience, delivering a baby does NOT give you inner
    knowledge on the long term development effects of breastfeeding
    delivering a baby effects your OWN hormones and may cause you to lose some
    objectivity to me, raising kids is about the kids i need to do
    what’s right for the kids long term and find all kinds of ways to comfort
    my kids, express love to them, etc. without doing things that might
    interfere with their autonomy issues or social development have you
    spoken to a child who was breast feed that long and is now grown?? do you
    wonder what they would say ?? yes, i HAVE borne children, i have nursed
    and raised kids — and was involved in the 70s and 80s with a large group
    of moms who did nurse up to as old as maybe 4 yrs, old sometimes and were
    very attachment style the kids are in their 20s now, early 30s, starting
    there own families i know about 8 of them well, 15 of them altogether, 5
    or 6 are parents already NONE of these kids are doing /will be doing
    this with their own kids….. interesting….. if you think you know
    best because you bore the child, it’s about YOU the idea of the child
    being “ready” or “knowing what they need” is a little strange do you think
    that way with every issue? when they can take a bath? what they should
    eat? sweets? sleeping schedule? at least, bare minimum, talk to
    moms who did something like this, whose families you know and respect, AND
    whose children are over 18, 21 years old….. Those ladies on stage are
    getting their information from attachment parenting resources, NOT from a
    broad base of reliable medical associations and studies. Health
    effects of breastfeeding to any tangible degree ends at one years old.
    And , this is absolutely NOT a bottle fed culture, at least in middle and
    upper classes, not since about 1967. What world cultures are nursing
    normally til 7 years old? Are these first world countries where there is
    great nutritious food available?? As parents, and as moms, I think I would
    encourage young women to learn about child development and to try to obtain
    a feel for the long haul, the overview. 

  • MangoFlavoredCarter says:

    I applaud the gal in the blue dress.

  • globin3 says:

    Holy fucking shit humans fuck up their children so much. Especially moms.
    They just wish they’d never have to leave their child. 

  • MaggieRoara says:

    women in the western world are so freaked out about their own breasts that
    they look really stupid … sorry but true. 

  • Star Wars says:

    I think as parents we are needed when called not when there battles need to
    fought for them. Loving them is one thing but to baby them till there old
    enough to understand? Teach them but not push them.

    If my daughter was breast fed till she was 10 what will that teach her?

    I want a boss lady not a cry baby that complains because life was not easy.
    What mommy going to rush in and handle the company for her too, because she
    dont want princes to cry?

    Folks like “MisssVictoriaViolet down below” had rude comment below and
    these are the kind of bullies are kids will come across and they need to
    learn to handle them.

    We dont want these bullies to have the ammunition to bully kids whose
    parents agree that breastfeeding till 9 is okay. Think of the crap the kid
    will get in school and watch your little innocent kid become next psycho
    because he cant take it.

    Love them and teach them and let them learn to grow up and live there life.

    I say no to breast feeding a child till 5
    I say no to babying of the child to a point where there so wimpy they are
    scared to take on challenges in the future.

  • Lagan Randhawa says:

    I’m 17 and i would remember my mother breast feeding it would kinda creep
    me out idk why but it would somehow and I guess any teenager would feel the
    same way as I do girl or boy same thing 


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