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26 Responses to Popular Parenting Hacks Reviewed By Kids

  • SakuraCourageSolo says:

    … okay, seriously? I may not be a parent, but I have enough common sense
    (Which people in this day and age either seem to lack or choose not to use)
    to know that some of these are just going to make the initial problems
    worse. First off, taking a door off the hinges? What? Right, so the kid has
    to go to the bathroom to change their clothes and stuff, and having no
    privacy (No, I’m not talking privacy laws, I’m talking the child’s direct
    sense of privacy) is just going to make them more resentful. Discipline
    them when you find them doing something bad. You can’t watch them 24/7,
    because eventually they’re gonna grow up and away from you anyway. The time
    out thing… argh, just another way for parents to ‘soften the blow’ of
    what’s already a joke of a punishment to begin with. Seriously, a
    consequence like taking away video games or tapping a kid’s rear isn’t
    gonna murder them. And the whole sprinkles on veggies thing? Look, kids are
    gonna think veggies are disgusting no matter what you do. Its like when my
    mom used to put my cold medicine in my orange juice. I could still see the
    nasty tasting pink tint to the orange juice and knew it was there, so I
    didn’t drink it. Kids are smarter than you give them credit for, and if you
    let them think they can outsmart you then you’re in trouble to start with.
    I’m not saying crack the whip, but don’t be too lenient either.

  • UPlayNetwork says:

    Do a facts video on why kids hate vegetables, that would be awesome 

  • Patricia Somerville says:

    I gave someone a dare to eat macaroni and cheese with sprinkles they puked
    in my backyard 

  • MentalSlug says:

    With the first one, you have the right to privacy. So if your parents do
    that, they are breaking the law.

  • Zak Murray says:

    Does Buzz Feed just find random kids in the streets and force them to do

  • TheSoccerKitten says:

    Parenting tips from Reddit? I’d rather not!

  • PessOmist says:

    I am not sure why kids hated vegetables. When I discovered salad with
    vinegar or dressing, you could not get me away from vegetables. Don’t feed
    them cooked ones, or ones out of a can cause they were just gross.

  • MrCoonpuff says:

    Fuck these parenting tips I say when I catch my kid masturbating in his

  • ControL says:

    This one black kid is so fucking awesome xD

  • rungameid says:

    I don’t get why kids hate vegetables. When I was a kid, I used to love
    them! And sprinkles on vegetables is not a great idea : c’mon, sweet on
    vegetables. What’s the point of poisoning a healthy food?

  • Jaike Jones says:

    Wait, I thought all kids ate their vegetables, y’know, like, me, and, all
    of my friends….
    Also, what’s the purpose of sprinkles on veges, it would make them

  • Tenshi Chan says:

    Hehe, the kid with dreads seems like he’d be easy to raise! He agreed with
    the time outs, the veggies and never had a negative thing to say! Way to go
    his parents!

  • MissManiacTheMad says:

    Here’s a better idea: in stead of boiling vegetables, fry them in some nice
    spices…they’ll taste better and still be proper food.

  • Endermender110 says:

    … arnt sprinkles like made out of frosting?…


  • Dark Knight says:

    Why are the kids wearing make-up?

  • exquisiteCatnip says:

    Whoever made these “parenting hacks” are total noobs at parenting (¬‿¬)

  • yagimaynee says:

    doesn’t putting sprinkles on vegetables just defeat the purpose of eating
    vegetables. they’re using that michelle obama logic

  • Ariana Dourre says:

    The kid with the dreadlocks was awesome. He has such good vibes

  • AdamTheProGamer says:

    1:35 oh my god why is it that all children think they are so good at
    hacking? all the time “im gonna hack you” ill hack their account “sigh”

  • boredninja12 says:

    When i was a kid i didn’t like veggies because the texture makes makes me
    gag. Also I NEVER swallowed. So imagine spinach only chewed up for 2 mins.
    I can’t say I for all kids but this is basically my experience. Plus my
    asian dad whacked me with a fiber glass arrow when I didn’t eat so yeah.

  • Joe Blow says:

    Taking the door off is an invasion of a child’s privacy, children need
    their sanctum sanctorum as much as adults do.

    It’s nothing more than an idea thought by up morons and implemented by
    highly controlling sociopaths masquerading as parents.

    Remember – your children choose which crooked nursing home you go to when
    you’ve been reduced to a withered old monkey skeleton. 

  • Alex Leon says:

    Is that chief keef

  • celticsaldirganlik says:

    Only a pedo takes the door off a kid’s room. Wanna see them change,
    pervert? I would have raised all kinds of hell.

  • Christine Botello says:

    Excellent!!! <3

  • OneDayWeAreFree says:

    This was a really well-done and accurate portrayal of attachment parenting.
    I wish there were more of that. Thank you!

  • Asia Rose says:

    I just don’t understand this hang up on being ‘normal’. I seriously don’t
    understand the hippie stigma.


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