“As a non spanking parent, what do you do with your toddler if he won’t leave the playground when it’s time to go? I’ve tried telling him I’m going and he’s …
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17 Responses to Philosophical Parenting: Dealing with Toddler Tantrums

  • TheAnanaki says:

    Children are irrational by nature. All the preparation in the world will
    not ensure that you will not have to deal with a tantrum. I think the
    gentleman asked what you can do to diffuse a tantrum not avoid one. To
    assume he doesnt have this knowledge of preparation is a little ignorant
    and quite arrogant imo. 11 mins in and you still have not answered his

  • gideondavid30 says:


    You can prepare all you want but you cannot predict all that life will
    throw at you or your child.

  • Patricia Essien says:

    Just had an AHA moment! Shoot! My toddler is 21 months is it to late to

  • gideondavid30 says:

    Two sides to this coin. Do not provoke your children to wrath – train your

    I’m sorry, children need to trained like a dog before they can be reasoned

  • temporaryscars says:

    What if they say “NO DEAL!”?

  • Vuk11 says:

    I really really wished my parents tried explaining things to me, especially
    when in some child hoods even into adult hood we still don’t think we did
    anything wrong to deserve the punishment. 

  • Win Factory says:

    I really enjoy all of your parenting videos. Listening to your work has
    fundamentally changed some important aspects of the way I parent. My
    daughter and I thank you for it.

  • Maarkun says:

    hehe, im doing it too, and it works quite well!!

  • Kenneth Gilyard says:

    The Boston Marathon unlike parenthood requires a previous demonstrated
    level of competency before beginning. I am a fairly new parent and an even
    newer runner.

  • IgnoredBunion says:

    This is definitely the easiest thing to do, yet completely how NOT to
    parent. Not only is this a wasted opportunity to support your child’s
    development but even worse you’ve taught them that Might = Right. Ask
    yourself how someone raised this way react to a bully at school? I would
    imagine they would be completely powerless and at his mercy. Clearly not as
    bad as spanking them but you’re not far off.

  • elmaxidelsur says:

    stef: how are you going to deal with the fact that she will not be adapt to
    live in the society that we have today?? She will be ready to live in a
    better society and ready to create that society BUT how is she going to
    deal with the reality that she will have to face in 12 years. You what you
    are doing is great and you should keep it up but when are you going to
    explain to her that MOUST of the people do not have the same set of rules.

  • KneelingAtlas says:

    I can’t applaud you enough for considering these ideas BEFORE you have
    children. When you’re expecting everyone has advice for you, so I’ll keep
    it short (besides, how much advice do you get from anarchists?!?): trust
    the NAP, it gets so hard to continue to do the right thing when you’re not
    getting the results you think you should from peaceful parenting and no one
    around you is supporting you, but don’t get mad at your kids, don’t yell,
    don’t hit; just keep loving them and it’ll all work out

  • trucid2 says:

    Excellent advice — too bad in the current legal climate it’s too reckless
    to have kids in the US, so me having kids is unlikely.

  • recynd77 says:

    What?? My kid is 15 now, and has, in fact, faced bullies more than once. He
    handled himself well, took charge of the situation, in fact, without
    violence. Do you suggest reasoning with a screaming toddler? Ha! Good luck
    with that. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of the maxim “milk before meat”?

  • radicalginge says:

    Good vid Stefan. When one parents with the intention of being a child’s
    partner the dynamic completely changes. Re: OP: How would you deal with
    your best friend wanting to stay when you wanted to leave? Negotiate,
    compromise…maybe persuade with something even more exciting. Coercion is
    the easiest and lousiest tool in the parenting toolbox.

  • Brady L says:

    This is really good stuff to learn – thanks for teaching it!

  • magnoid says:

    haha, you wrapped up quickly. Nice musings 🙂


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