Robin Grille is a father, a psychologist in private practice with twenty years’ experience, and a parenting educator. His articles on parenting and child development have been widely published…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco delivers a humorous monologue on parenting and awarding kids’ trophies.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 Responses to Parenting for a Peaceful World – A Conversation with Robin Grille

  • Peter Jones says:

    Great interview, common sense information on the benefits of emotional
    intelligence. One comment however that I found disturbing and is perhaps a
    symptom of culture or even upbringing regarding Stefan at 1:06:48 where he
    said “Well if I said that blacks are born with original sin” etc. “Blacks”!
    I think you meant “Black people”. Would you say whites? Either way please
    refer to the race you wish to distinguish as people regardless of the
    colour. After all you provide a great show and I’m sure it was simply an
    unconscious slip of terminology learnt in a time when that was considered
    normal, which of course is a little ironic given the topic.

    Great show nevertheless and my compliments for stepping out of the rat race
    and providing us all with much needed insights both personally and with the
    guests you have on your show.

  • mikef179 says:

    I also hate the way that he calls free choice “democratizing”. It’s not the
    only person I’ve heard it from. That’s a meme that needs to be killed.

  • Jesse Haffner says:

    All of those gripping scenes in Lincoln I almost left during a few, cuz it
    was such bullshit and speculation. It was like each an every one of those
    scene clips looked like, what he always said then an how he said it, it was
    as if all those scenes were Pro-Lincoln super-PAC campaign ads. Pretend for
    a moment that 10 total Dems from House + Senate an 10 for the Republicans,
    they are more blatantly corrupt but still even if u take the 20 least
    corrupt to write up a new constitution

  • Zerafinel says:

    So nice to listen to two people both so passionate about bringing
    personhood to children. Just brilliant.

  • J brogly.decap says:

    Of course he knows…thats the agenda he is actually wanting to sell….
    “…anyone hiding the predation of the system is a sociopath…” — Stefan

  • Sivels says:

    Could you direct me to the “experts” and the “properly supported ideas”
    that point to homicidal fantasies being a natural quality of the human
    brain? Nope, you can’t lmao.

  • Sivels says:

    All those issues described are established as a product of childhood
    environment. It’s quite obvious you’re a troll and you want to keep
    painting the world as a naturally gloomy place. Revenge, greed, jealousy
    etc. are also biproducts of a bad upbringing. It’s really not that
    difficult to see the patterns if you want to.

  • NecessariusVerum says:

    To be a politician you must want to control others and plan for others. I
    don’t know if Stef said ALL politicians have had ‘bad’ or ‘peacefully
    destructive’ childhoods but most of them probably have had a combination of
    destructive childhoods when it comes to the long run and may just have
    experiences in their adult life that made them controlling.

  • Charlie Maynard says:

    Wel when the utilitarian argument is contrary to his principles, he
    prioritizes principle. However, when they coincide he makes use of both
    style of argument.

  • Jesse Haffner says:

    U both are fucking right! We need to stop following parts of the
    constitution that are unequivocally out of date an don’t transcend to the
    modern era. Best example is the 2nd amendment. I am also an avid gun
    enthusiasts, primarily assault/battle rifles wit almost 3 dozen my family
    owns, more than half are here but the rest are wit my uncle. The NRA say’s
    guns are for self-defense, but since when did self-defense transform to the
    right make contact with robbers or dealers wit extreme prejudice

  • TheMobocracy says:

    A good socialist can provide everyone with an original Mona Lisa.

  • J brogly.decap says:

    Stefan Quote –“Sociopath live in Langauge because you can manipulate
    language,” –“Anyone who is hiding the violence of predation is
    sociopathic” Robin’s rant against the free market, making statements that
    children dont want Nintendo’s Wii’s, Playstations Filthy predetor commie

  • Jesse Haffner says:

    As advanced as we are today yet we are arguing things written about 220
    years ago. Everyone on the right, and the Dems just as full of complete
    bullshit. Perfect example was the Lincoln movie with DD Lewis. Every word
    he spewed sounded as if each and every fuckin scene were designed to
    literally trump up all of the same pro-elitist historical revisionists. I
    mean fuk man, he was a politician, corrupt politicians were far fewer, but
    come on man. Our founders were just men

  • Rose Placido says:

    Very funny I would love to see him in person, and I would recommend
    everyone I know about is sense of humor.

  • chumanitutanka says:

    He is ne of the best comedians nowadays, extremely unknown, but getting
    better, I need those 100 bucks! was that enough?

  • Edward Pignataro IV says:



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