In this episode, Teal offers sound advice for how to raise children in an “in alignment” way instead of an “out of alignment” way. She covers the dos and the…

Phillip Calvin McGraw (born September 1, 1950), best known as Dr. Phil, is an American television personality, author, psychologist, and the host of the tele…

39 Responses to Parenting 101 -Teal Swan-

  • katiposcotty says:

    People don’t understand how vitally important fatherhood is or even what it
    is and that it can only be done correctly by men, The trend of the single
    mother or mixed families is not going to lead to anything good.
    unstable relationships creates unstable people 

  • Reverend Eslam says:

    Thank GOD Teal is not my mother, otherwise I may not have even been fed,
    judging by what she stated near the start of this talk.

  • Katie Dubbs says:

    I’ve worked as a nanny part-time for the past three years just because I
    enjoy it so much. It is actually surprising to me when I watch some parents
    to be completely unaware of the difference of when their child is crying
    out of need or out of manipulation. It seems so obvious to me but the
    child’s own mother has no idea. This is actually only one family I’ve
    worked with but it still surprises me that this is even possible that a
    biological mother can be so out of tune with their young child.

  • TheSpiritualCatalyst says:
  • Miles Wickham says:

    Thank for sharing these wonderful concepts. 

  • LOUISM1976 says:

    I really enjoy watching your videos..

  • Energetics tests says:

    What if a person has unresolved sense of significance and lack of love in
    the past issues and wants to create a family to target them? Some quite
    young people see something rebellious in creating a family themselves. 

  • mysteryman123able says:

    wow this womans like a machine dispensing advice

  • jchahine says:

    oops, 19 yrs too late…

  • jangofet555 says:

    i dont agree with talking to your children in that tone of voice saying
    “how said, mommy and daddy only read to girls who brush their teeth”

    how i like to shift my perspective to think of how to act is to ask my self
    “how would i have or want my children to act if they were a parent in my

    constantly focus on your spirit, power, and love, and a constant gentle
    reaching for theirs. see them how you want them to see themselves.

    when a “problem” occurs, rejoice and smile and be elated because it reminds
    you that “problems” arnt “problems” anymore, their opportunities to heal
    with love and tears of happiness.

    let your ego go, let them be parents. foster a high level of connection and
    closeness and show them to be friendly and fearless and have a knowing of
    their true unshakable unconditionally loving self, so the attacks in the
    world can bounce off their heart and they dont get swayed by society to
    think less of themselves.

    everything is balance(something to really think about what that means)

    there two options or directions, together and love, or segregate and fear.
    dont ignore your kids troubles, but dont buy into their perception,
    maintain a source perspective, if you feel sorry, your just seeing it
    negatively and affirming it for them. always see things positively, receive
    the service they are there for. everything in life created and placed there
    by a co-creation of you and your child.

    let go of as much fear as you can, trust your child as much as you can, if
    you have worries you cant quite let go of, allow your self to feel it, and
    put it on the table on, share your concerns with your child, dont bottle
    things, be transparent be a team.

    make comfortably learning, remembering and practicing an interest of yours
    and encourage it in the family, especially topics of ego and unconditional

    “actively calm and calmly active”

  • holy living says:

    Thank you sooooooo much Teal!
    I asked on your website to reload this!

  • Radek Zielinski says:

    Just thinking…. we live a world of debt repaying all of the world’s
    bullish… lol am just joking we can all cuddle around like penguins and
    share as we’re still alive. :D

  • jangofet555 says:

    then again everything is a joke, in a good way, a funny way. cuz for
    thousands of years weve been bickering about things that dont matter.

    maybe the right minerals and vitamins, and diet will sedate us into
    tranquility us so we can unwind and laugh about sweet nothings. like pot

    be happy with who what and where you are at any moment, and follow your
    excitement. and your child will be the same.

  • Megan Marie says:

    Wow this is jam packed with awesome info

  • L Lindsey says:

    Where were you 3 decades ago????

  • Malachi Molina says:

    does she have children,( Just asking?)

  • Sasha V says:

    Amazing advice. Culturally, this has been a struggle for me with the
    punishment vs consequence concept. Culture advocates for punishment instead
    of consequence but expects the child to magically understand consequence
    and independence as an adult. I think the main idea is to relinquish
    control over our kids. Their freedom is at stake if we don’t. I love this,
    I feel as if someone finally understands how I feel about this….very

  • Samuel Le says:

    How do we reverse what has been done to us?

  • Sabrenn E says:

    Every parent should watch this video!

  • ellamae says:

    Is her daughter married? I don’t think so. You teach your child that sex
    out of marriage is a sin before God. 

  • Ambrosius Anima says:

    I feel like it’s not right to ridicule the blond woman. Yes, what she’s
    doing isn’t healthy, to anyone, but even so… It’s still a mothering,
    caring instinct gone wild, I think. What she needs is a real therapist to
    sit her down and talk to her until she gets better. Making her look bad on
    talk-show isn’t doing much. I’m just saing. Not tryna start anything.

  • Jenna Leonhardt-Michaelis says:

    If only this mother cared just enough to take the 15/yo boy to a speech
    therapist… she wants to improve his future, help him get rid of that lisp
    don’t do his homework.

  • John Driver says:

    This is a good mama but just trying to do to much for her kids. 

  • Raven Blue says:

    This is what happens when children AREN’T believed and their feelings
    aren’t validated. I’m so glad that Dr. Phil is helping the “wounded child”
    inside that mom. When children are wounded like that, the scars last
    forever, even with therapy.

  • jack ron says:

    oh fuck get a load of this bitch. lol if u think for one minute shes there
    for her kids errrrrk nope! lol you be wrong lol she’s all “look at me”. umm
    hey u in the back, ur not lookin at me”!!!! lol smh. i’m 40 and someones
    not pay8ing attention to me anymore :*( LOL smh 

  • babsywoman says:

    By the way, you can’t agree 1000 percent, just 100.

  • juliettalawler says:

    Fuck Dr. Phil. Mocking his guest because she’s crying? What a piece of
    fucking trash. All he does every episode is patronize. 

  • NeoMoirae says:

    Dr. Phil, please stop plugging your book and family endeavors on your show
    so much…

  • Rachel Chappell says:

    Yikes. Mom is a bit neurotic, but it sounds like she has issues that she
    needs professional help with, and is not some horrible person. She’s not
    intentionally damaging her kids.

    Poor thing.

  • Aina Gia says:

    He’s getting mad at his mom because she’s does his homework… This ain’t

  • Cameron Brooks says:

    I like Dr. Phil.

  • trever gray says:

    Ha, that reminds me of the chinese kid who does vines about chinese
    stereotypes, “no more B, muda-asshole!”

  • Anthony Mendoza says:

    You have to understand what your facing or what your up against when you
    apply and are chosen for these talk shows. If you don’t, then don’t do

  • Pharacelcus says:

    dr.phil, if you keep plugging your book for a year and a half’s worth of
    episodes. i don’t think it’s right to keep calling it “new.”

  • mshuckster12 says:

    jesus christ 

  • Agnieszka M says:


  • Brittany Mariexx says:

    id be lucky to have a mom like her. for her to do thefe homework. i would
    be like Do it mom i love you. 

  • Alex Moore says:

    Of course she’s a SINGLE mother & she won’t have anyone unless she really
    seeks some serious help for herself. No ‘seasonable” male would be with

  • Lauren Burden says:

    Cool yeah


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