“Movie star Kate Winslet has become the target of a fathers’ rights group criticizing her children’s living arrangements, and now the actress is threatening to sue. In the November 2013 issue…
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20 Responses to Kate Winslet’s Parenting Upsets Father’s Rights Group

  • psychoabattoirhorror says:

    Did the fathers of her children want to be part of their lives? Did she
    stop them? Before making uninformed statements best to have ALL the actual
    facts first.

  • Coma White says:

    Wow. I’m impressed with Kate Winslet in all this. She is like me in that I
    didn’t even let my son’s father even get into the custody battle in the
    first place. It’s his actions that made him lose his rights one could say.
    For much of the time I thought I was making the wrong decision until more
    recently I’ve found that I had made the right decisions all along. I’m
    really happy about it now and proud of myself for having the tenacity.
    Sometimes the greatest blessing you can give your child is to not be with
    their biological father especially if he is not parent material. I really
    understand this from life experience.

  • Mgtow Messenger says:

    Parental rights do not come into it. The children have the right to have
    both parents equally involved in every aspect of their lives. Kate Winslet
    has obiously coached these children and is denying them their right to have
    a Father and that whole other half of their extended family in their lives.
    Children have rights, parents have responsibilities. Kate Winslet shame on
    you, you hate your ex partners more than you love your kids. Kate Winslet
    is one of the worst cases of a deadbeat mother you will ever see. Why are
    these presenters praising her and calling her awesome?

  • LadyAmaltheaUnicorn says:

    I have to agree with Cenk here, we don’t know the full extent of the issue,
    seeing how we don’t get the fathers point of view. While I agree with Men
    Rights on the issue of fathers having more rights, I do think they should
    have did a bit more research on this before using her a the poster child
    for female biases 

  • Obsidian SeventyOne says:

    Damn 3 kids from three different men? #Thot

  • xtremecyclesports says:

    But she is a progressive liberal woman and should get what she wants
    particularly if if take rights away from the bad man that has been
    demonized by the liberal progressives since the 60s. Now she sues for
    criticism!!!!!!!!! She take the kids rights and fathers rights to be
    together and she fucking sues for a criticism!!!!! Enabled, spoiled, self
    centered, arrogant and completely fucking selfish. That is you Kate!!!

  • bluewater454 says:

    If men and women had equal rights in the US family legal system(like they
    do in other countries), then men wouldn’t need their own rights
    Women are all about equal rights…until it stops suiting their own self

  • Lone432345 says:

    I find it interesting that women are the ones who are the first to treat
    their children as property.

  • unclefixer says:

    Apparently this lady is one of the millions of women who think the child is
    her property , not a person. She thinks dad should not have any real
    rights and like someone who ,when the kids start getting into serious
    trouble, will not realize or admit, her “bad choice” ( a choice the law
    only gave her ) was wrong and now the kids are damaged, the fathers pushed
    out and society now has to deal with the “damaged adults” these kids will
    It time to put kids first , not the almighty dollar, enforce and respect
    the fathers rights and hold women accountable for their “selfish and
    irresponsible behavior”.

  • Babylovve XoXo says:

    Ok first of all. Kate Winslet said on Ellen in 2014 that he changed his
    name BEFORE they met. And the child, Bear Blaze, Has the last name of
    “Winslet” not “Rocknroll”. Sh said she objected to that name for her child
    because she wasn’t a fan of Ned’s last name.. Well that’s what it seemed
    like. So why in the world do we have to judge THE NAME (in which really
    doesn’t matter) of the person that’s making this amazing person happy?!

  • tmcthree says:

    Ned Rockandroll in three words. Richard Bransons Nephew.

  • cjaygrove says:

    Kids with 3 different men. I’m sorry, I know this is a time where we
    criticize old views and I agree. But this isn’t about old fashioned views.
    3 kids with 3 different men is just objectively irresponsible and fucking
    stupid. It just is. BUt whatever, if thats what she wants I guess thats her
    right. It’s just…come on! Use some birth control or something. 

  • Shakor77 says:

    It is not about the dads nor the mothers. It is about the kids and kids
    need a father. Interesting that TYT completely ignored that.

  • Adrianna Sahlman says:

    Kate is my favorite actress and Revolutionary Road is my favorite movie as

  • Liam MacRoibin says:

    Just lost some respect folks.
    Depriving children of full access to their father (or mother) is child
    End of story.
    Turning the story around to mocking an idiot’s name is cowardly. Surprised
    to see you guys chicken it.
    And what if the fathers are going along with it? It’s about the kids’
    Winslet is wrong. Selfish and Wrong.

  • Gen McCallum says:

    Having an unconventional name doesn’t make you not worth marrying. FFS.
    Ignorant, judgemental bullshit. If anyone should be judging anyone here,
    it’s the people being paid to sit and talk about people they don’t know in
    front of a camera. 

  • Kyle Watson says:

    +The Young Turks the illuminati set Ned and Kate up. The new world order
    needs a power couple.

  • Eric14492 says:

    The issue isn’t the specifics of Winslet’s individual situation. It has
    nothing to do with the name of her husband. It is the negative impact our
    cultural stereotypes have on people, young and old.

    She said “My kids don’t go back and forth; none of this 50/50 time,” as if
    that was a good thing. Children have a right to spend time with both of
    their parents. Fathers have as much a right as mothers to be the principal
    caregivers for their children. Our cultural and legal basis against fathers
    has slowly diminished, but there is a long way to go.

    You wouldn’t provide excuses for other types of stereotypes.
    Stop perpetuating negative stereotypes about fathers.


    So if a black woman no matter what type of money she has is seen has some
    kind of whore if she has 3 kids by 3 different men…but if she is like
    Kate Winslet 3 kids with 3 different fathers no one raising an eyebrow?
    Tons of double standards everywhere in this world…..Not to mention she
    already has an bunch of kids and shit getting banged by models than jumping
    to some other dude…..Well if you you’re English and posh sounding I guess
    you cant be seen as anything but glamorous…..

  • inanna Stanford says:

    If you wanted just a sperm donor, go to an anonymous sperm bank. K? 50/50
    🙂 JUNE 13 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dads. Can do it too! Deal with it. CHILDREN


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