Garantat 100% – Unconditional Parenting (16.12.2013, invitat Alfie Kohn)
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2 Responses to Garantat 100% – Unconditional Parenting (part 1)

  • Wendy Kramer says:

    Thank you for an eye opening lecture. It means that regardless of your kids
    behavior/actions they need to know that your love them and approve of them
    as a person even though you may not approve of a poor behavior. This
    explains why I have felt guilty about punishing/lecturing. I know when my
    child does something wrong he feels bad enough about it. For me to lecture
    and punish him makes both of us feel worse. I can understand the logic of
    it. There are better ways. My sons disappointment in himself for perhaps
    making a bad choice is enough to shoulder. I can see the value in asking
    him how he would handle the situation differently the next time and what he
    learned from the experience. I do believe all mistakes can be turned into
    teachable moments and learned from.

  • Lavinia Blajovan says:

    wow, cine ar da unlike la asa ceva ? mda, cam majoritatea parintilor din
    Ro.. totusi, inainte de a unlike.. v-ati gandit ca omul asta NU vorbeste
    aiurea… ?
    Sz3kii multumesc mult pentru upload ! Emisiunea asta ar trebui vazuta de
    muuuuuuuuulti oameni !


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