This is my response to the interview performed by Dr. Phil on the NBC Today show a couple of days ago. This is not by any means the entire response, only a v…

21 Responses to Facebook Parenting: Dr. Phil Response – Tommy Jordan

  • DUM DEE DUM DUM says:

    He says Dr. Phil is humiliating people on TV.
    Yet this guy posted a video on YouTube about his daughter disrespecting him
    so the whole world can see.
    Yes, what she did was wrong.
    However, I wouldn’t humiliate them on a site where EVERYBODY can see, and
    call her a bitch for one thing she did.

  • Alisha Hughes says:

    this would be why i buy my own stuff so my mom an dad are not aloud to
    touch it or ill have them arrested after i seen this video i gave my laptop
    mom bought me to her an went an bought my own!! thank you i learned not to
    let my parents buy my stuff.

  • Epicguy223 says:

    If you “accidentally” humiliated her, why is the video still on your

  • Dylan Sepasyar says:

    This is first time I’ve seen an intelligent southerner.

  • Francesca Ud says:

    Just because ‘everybody’ thinks Dr. Phil is wrong, that doesn’t mean he is.
    That just means there are too MANY undercultured people in your country.

  • Mohd Hammad says:

    This generation is fucked, when I was a child, doing chores were just
    normal routine stuff, if I ddnt, id get punished, or if I disrespect my
    parents, I would get a whooping from them, this is how parenting should be,
    kids will be hating on my post, but it’s true…

  • Ron Kings says:

    Tommy did not do it on accident but nor did Phil. Though Tommy does have a
    point, actually several points, Phil is in a position to help and shouldn’t
    be running his show and his “help” on television for an extended profit,
    the reason help is in quotations is because he isn’t even a licensed
    psychologist. This means that because his help isn’t exactly professional,
    or rather licensed, he should be revolving his opinions around the majority
    of his audience’s opinions. Also, I think that Phil is in no position to
    judge how parent’s should raise their kids as long as it doesn’t reach
    inappropriate or extreme violence like abuse, but that isn’t his job, that
    is the job of the lawmakers, politicians, and other political figures.
    Phil’s job is to again “help”, and from what i understand he didn’t do his
    job. Now onto the story with his daughter. You all are acting like she
    didn’t do anything. We all know and understand that he overreacted, but he
    had a reason and a pretty good one. He embarrassed her and she embarrassed
    him, both were extreme. Honestly i agree with him, parents are way to
    “free” with their kids. I’m quite young, as i am only in middle school, but
    i don’t believe that kids these days are extremely free to do as they
    please without punishment. Now what does that freedom lead to? Spoiled
    kids, i see nine-year-old kids who cuss more in one hour more i do that
    day, and kidswho are still in elementary talking about sex and sometimes
    drugs and gangs. Kids with Iphones and instagram, they are so open to that
    kind of stuff they lose their parents as role models and they start to
    model kids my age and kids in high-school. (This may or may not be affected
    by my location). Anyway i’m getting off topic, he overreacted with a
    purpose and i think Phil is an ass for judging his way off parenting, and i
    feel that parents should be more strict so the next generation won’t turn
    out like a bunch of damn douche-bags and sluts wearing diamond and cussing
    out their parents, so kids, remember respect your parents. Sorry, off topic
    again lol…

  • klk1900 says:

    what Dr.phil means is “you don’t embarrass your child” your kids look up to
    you even though they give you shit they love you secretly. Dr.phil isnt the
    parents they can say fuck you to him. but they don’t want to say F*** you
    to the parent. so its completely different to the child. especially kids
    that won’t get a job that’s really a sign they are still on the tits. i
    come from a military family and im in the military so respect is always
    been a huge thing and nothing would fly. i never went threw that stage
    cause i always wanted to show my dad i could be a good CO in the military.
    but at the end of the day would you rather see them pissing you off or in a
    casket i have a lot of friends that have died in the wars and their parents
    would give anything to talk to them again so dont waste your time life is
    short. by the time i was 7yrs old i had respect carved in to me and my dad
    is a captain 06 but he never once raised his voice or laid a hand on me. he
    just gives me that look of disappointment and thats enough for me. 

  • Christopher Terry says:

    I wanted to like this video but i saw 1,999 dislikes and i just had to roll
    it over.

  • roki says:

    who the fuck dr phil thinks he is,its not his problem to care for other
    children,she deserved even more

  • LordOfTheWatchmen says:

    That was not publicly humiliating your daughter. If anything you humiliated
    yourself by the way you reacted by showing everyone you have firearms and
    know how to use them. (Which I also agree with but that doesn’t belong in
    the context of this video) I was publicly humiliated countless times by my
    mom and dad. They would bend me over their knee and whoop my ass if I was
    acting out. Mind you, I am pretty young, haven’t hit legal drinking age
    yet, to put it in perspective. And actually, strict parents raise children
    a hell of a lot better. Now I won’t sit here and say I’m an angel and
    better then other people. Because quite frankly, I very rarely did any
    chores nor did I get a job until I was 16.

    Not spanking your children and not raising them with tough love raises a
    generation of conformist, pussified cry babies that can’t think for
    themselves and have respect issues. I scoff at my generation. While I
    didn’t grow up like you or my father working 2 jobs, going to school, and
    my father also served in Nam and was a volunteer firefighter in Watertown
    New York once upon a time. In fact, I’ll probably never be half the man he
    was, he did a lot shit and for that I look at him in awe, and then look at
    myself in disgust for sitting my on ass playing video games for 6 hours a
    day when I was younger. He would be out fishing at the same age I was when
    I got my first Call of Duty.

    Wow this comment has jumped all over the fucking place, so I will digress
    right now and shut the hell up. But in all fairness, keep up the good work.
    Your daughter will be your age someday with kids and look back at this and
    realize she messed up and deserved it.

  • Lily Bunny says:

    You get spanked, how many people saw you getting spanked? probably no more
    than 10.
    You posted a video on youtube, how many saw that?
    Do you understand?

  • Anonymous says:

    what will happen when he catch her fucking a dude,he will shoot the dude???

  • Derek Milbradt says:

    Well you heard it from Dr. Phil I guess its true don’t respect your elders

  • Do Kiki says:

    I think Dr.Phil should meet some caribbean parents.

  • Across the Echoes says:

    I don’t agree with Tommy OR Dr. Phil. Being too harsh on your children is a
    bad thing, but being too lenient on them is just as bad.

    I’m not sure what I agree with. I’m not interested in having kids though,
    so that’s OK.

  • avikbellic911 says:

    This guy is good and well most people won’t agree with him…but if you
    look at the fact he is very true from bottom.

  • LlamasAreBest says:

    fucking Hillbilly. 

  • onlinepokeraddiction says:

    I can see a cowboy conservative like yourself picking up a gun and
    ACCIDENTALLY shooting a laptop. Picking up a camera, recording, and
    uploading it for the whole world to see is not an accident. Your obviously
    just emulating people like Dr. Phil and others who want public attention.

    You’re damn right your parents raised you correctly. They didn’t use social
    media to embarrass you.

  • TheMwfShow says:

    i dont think you accidentally humiliated her it seemed like you wanted to,
    how is he humiliating kids he helps them hence the name DR!! phil, and also
    thats a mistake that your parents told you to respect your elders, i can
    tell you deserved to get beaten by your parents cause your an asshole now
    you must have been an asshole back then, also 70% of 124,000 people isn’t
    most of america and there is 313,000,000 people in america so 70% of them
    would be about 5,000,000 so do the math sir. 

  • Anonymous says:

    i’d have said the same thing there is in the letter to my parents and they
    would just have spoke to me,not destroying the pc,AND CERTAINLY NOT USING A
    GUN!!his reaction as a dad was over the line….


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