When overprotective moms and dads need to back off. Dr. Robyn Silverman offers advice. Then, CNET’s Kara Tsuboi on how staying organized can keep your inner-…

24 Responses to Eye on Parenting: “Helicopter” Parents

  • I Love All of You says:

    Any parent who needs the obvious advice given in this video shouldn’t be a
    parent in the first fucking place.

  • Andrew ba says:

    it sucks when you have overprotective parents… it truly does

  • Marti H says:

    Wow they control what you are going to wear!??? Heck no! 

  • wolf2966 says:

    Parents need to teach their kids to survive meaning stay off their backs
    when needed one time I got into a confrontation for a kid who wouldn’t stop
    harnessing me and got into a small fight and threw a few punches i went
    home and told my parents they didn’t complain or anything I was punished
    but my dad said I’m proud of you sticking up for yourself it’s unfortunate
    but we need to stand up for ourselves to survive and helicopter parents
    fail to see that when ever I was in discomfort my parents didn’t make calls
    or complain they said so how are you going to deal with it and in my
    opinion I’m glad they raised me to be a lover and a fighter and that is
    true parenting

  • eastariel says:

    True parents love their children — unconditionally. We love them as God
    loves us — unconditionally. We see the best in them as God sees the best
    in us. That’s what it means to be a true parent. I’m a true parent, because
    I love my four children that way.

  • First Last says:

    it’s women

  • Isabella Arenas says:

    This reminds me of my boyfriends mother. I hate her now because of her
    helicopter parenting. She’s on my boyfriends dick 24/7 and he’s 22 years
    old. It’s ridiculous at this point.

  • Mooseluver8 says:

    0:10 AUGH!

  • CrisKG125 says:

    I am 30 and my parents do this crap all the time.

  • Eszra says:

    If you ask me kids should only watch Elmo until the kid is like 5 or 6,
    Barney at 4 or 5 also and so on. But some shows you will have to admit
    aren’t very good for young kids. And there are some shows that are on air
    just really for shock value and really shouldn’t be watched. Kids need
    protection, but they need to be kids period.

  • mustang4010 says:

    I’m TWENTY years old. That’s right. TWENTY. I cannot tell my parents about
    my 5 year relationship because they flip their shits over me even talking
    to a man. It’s absolutely ridiculous. When I DO hang out with friends, my
    curfew is “I have to be home before dark.” Yes. During winter that means
    home before 5pm.It’s ridiculous.This morning I wanted to go for a jog.
    Mother wanted to come with me. I said no. She threw a tantrum. It’s
    pathetic how in the end,the children end up PARENTING the parent.

  • StudioGhiblifan says:

    I’m on your side man! Some people just let the power go to they’re heads.

  • Starts at Home with Todaha says:

    Thank you for reminding us to teach our children to think and not to over
    protecting. Good reminder of having good faith in our children after
    teaching them early before 7 years of age. Aloha.

  • StudioGhiblifan says:

    @psychodelicdragon Dude, you repeated thing. Or did you mean to do that?

  • Laura Arendt says:

    When I told my mom that the building where I was working triggered my dust
    allergy, she ordered me to complain to my boss, otherwise she would call my
    boss herself. She then found the number of the company in charge of
    managing the building and ordered me to call. I eventually had to call the
    company and complain because I did not want my mom to call my boss about my
    allergies, ha, ha, ha …

  • Skyfyre2007 says:

    I’d take a helicopter parent. My parents just don’t let me to jack shit
    because it’s “too dangerous” …they don’t have to helicopter because I
    can’t go anywhere.

  • psychodelicdragon says:

    too much of a good thing thing!!

  • StudioGhiblifan says:

    Parents should not dictate what they’re kids watch, play, and do. Unless
    it’s like they’re watching like south park, or family guy.

  • luis gonzalez says:

    oh man my mom just came from my school(paren tacher conference) oh man im
    really scared she ame in mad i saw her from upstairs…manjust now i had
    the bravery to face her but wen i saw her i bitched out….ooo this is
    gonna be akward wen i go down in the living
    room………………………some1 help but by the time u reply it
    prperly passed and im dead meat…….

  • StudioGhiblifan says:

    These people are always kind of trying to stop kids from watching good
    stuff, and instead they teach them to watch elmo. Really????

  • Laura Arendt says:

    Dr. Robyn Silverman: Are there any boot camps for out-of-control parents ?
    It’s an emergency.

  • BloggerMusicMan says:

    @AnimeLoverJuan Statistically speaking though, delinquent behaviour in
    teens often phases out once they reach adulthood. Teens drinking, getting
    into a little bit of trouble, etc, is obviously not something to be
    encouraged, but the fact that teens do this sort of thing does not give an
    excuse to be a helicopter parent IMO. In fact, I think one of the reasons
    it generally phases out in adulthood is because they know they won’t get
    bailed out by anyone, including their folks, if they screw up.

  • Juanderman Jones says:

    yikes O.o my parents are a bit too overly protective D: poor teens these
    days, then again knowing that approximately 29% on American teens are
    either doing drugs, breaking the law, or drinking. i dont blame parents for
    being overly protective

  • starlitbeautyx1 says:

    My dad and stepmom are soo overprotective. My mom was not this
    overprotective (she is sick so i live with my dad and stepmom now.) I am 13
    but mentally mature for my age. i love makeup and beauty and want it to be
    part of my future. we were getting ready to go for a boat ride this morning
    and i was already done getting ready and i went downstairs cuz i heard them
    talking about me. and they were saying no wearing makeup. and i was like “I
    already have it on.” (it was only waterproof mascara)


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