Are you a parent who came across exceptionally well-behaved and motivated children, and then wondered why your own children do not have such qualities? Do you then start doubting your parenting skills and wonder what exactly it is that you could possibly have missed out on?

Many experienced practitioners in the field of education contend that all parents are keen for their kids to grow up as bright,obedient, successful, honest and energetic. There are also a host of complementary studies that set about trying to discover what was going wrong with the methods that do not work, and why good parenting skills results in a satisfied and life-long relationships with their happy children.

One of the first things that stood out very clearly was that ‘Difficult children, are a result of un-informed and ill-equipped parents’. At the end of the day, it is parents who are primarily responsible for how their children ultimately turn out to be, and the role they are to play in society.

It is almost a non-negotiable that parents need to themselves decide what proper and improper behavior is actually all about, and to clearly distinguish between right and wrong. Children emulate or copy the behavior patterns of grown-ups, and especially that of their parents. The issue of good parenting skills goes deeper than its face value as it also takes cognisance of conscious and subconscious signals that can be positively or negatively interpreted by the child.

Parental authoritarianism or being too lenient is not advised, but a well balanced and subtle mix of democracy and firmness is needed. Discipline is not to be seen as punishment, but rather as a boundary type of guideline, which cannot be overstepped at will. There is no doubt that parents who take a serious personal interest in their children on a day-to-day basis, are able to spot major behavior deviations early and take appropriate remedial measures.

The demands of our modern living environment can also have an influence and parents who are too busy with their business, professional or social activities cannot hope to enjoy good rapport with their kids. They should be on their guard, particularly when the child is approaching their teens, as hormone changes are creating stress for the child’s personality. Parents have to be on hand to act as mentors,counselors and companions, without being too over bearing.

Positive habits which must be cultivated includes listening attentively to the child, letting children enjoy privacy, having family meetings, reinforcing good behavior, and establishing an atmosphere of trust. Most important is also to give praise where it is due as this is about recognition and therefore act as a powerful motivating factor.

For those parents that are fortunate enough to already have dream children, good for you. It does however not mean that you cannot learn any more, as becoming a person with great parenting skills is a lifelong learning process. For parents who want to fast-track their learning, there are a host of resources available, but be careful to choose the right ones.

Gerard Mohamed is a father of two teenage daughters, and passionate about great parental skills and motivated children. He maintains that 95% of the advice relating to good parenting is too theoretical and therefore useless. To get an immediate insight of the other 5% that is practically orientated, and will deliver positive results within a matter of seven days, please go to

Taking a good baby care of your newborn is the desire of every parent and for fulfilling this purpose parents read books, surf on internet, get advice from their elders on pre parental, or post parental practices. In the beginning, it’s normal to get upset and nervous on how to provide flawless baby care to your growing baby, but if you carefully examine every skill to deal with your newborn then you won’t face any trouble in providing cuddle care to your baby. The most frequent questions asked by parents are all about breastfeeding, skin rashes, oil massage, bathing, selecting a good pediatrician

There is an emerging trend of nuclear families instead of joint families, so it is become harder to provide good baby care without getting any help from the elders in family. Here are some valuable tips that can help you in nourishing and gifting good baby care to your newborn baby.

Baby Cry!

Little babies cry make the parents nervous, babies sometime cry in the evening hours or late night which is completely normal, and if they cry constantly then there must be some reasons such as they are hungry, their diapers are dirty, they don’t feel well, or they need someone to lift up.

Baby food!

Healthy Mother milk is the best food for baby, it saves baby from many diseases. New mums should feed their baby from the time of the birth till 6 to 9 months to nourish the growth of baby. Before giving solid food to your baby, you need to first consult to your pediatrician. In case, If your baby is steadily gaining weight and is satisfied with milk then wait for 6 months to start solid food.

Baby Clothing!

Tender skin of baby won’t tolerate synthetic fabric. Fabric is very important for baby cloths, because bad fabric can cause the severe harm to your baby’s skin. Cotton is the best fabric that suits infant skin, Fleece is another fabric which is widely used for baby’s outerwear, and Cashmere is luxury textile used to make baby cloths. Organic cloths are safe for soft skin of baby. Soft cotton knitted fabric is useful to make homemade nappies for newborn babies.

Baby Health Care!

Hygiene is most important for good health of your baby; even small things shouldn’t be ignored for the sake of good health. Things like trimming nails of your baby, wash bottle with boil water after every use, Oil should not be put in your baby’s ears or nose. It can cause serious damage and infection, In hot weather give your baby water but after boiling it.

Baby Toys!

If your baby is only 4 to 6 months old then do not bring toys which can be choked by baby. As these age babies have tendency to put toys in mouth. Rattle is the best first toy you can give to your baby. Toys can attract the attention of baby , bring colorful soft toys or small pillows. Staking Cups is also an useful toy for 6 months old baby.


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Children are very impressionable and moldable, particularly when they are young. This is why the way in which you parent your children, along with the values that you instill in them from the beginning, can make such a make difference for the rest of their lives.

This world has many outside influences, that are constantly trying to substitute the voice of a parent when it comes to teaching their young minds. They will be exposed to TV shows, movies, music, friends, and even the internet-all of these things will send mixed messages to them, both good and bad.

It is the job of a parent to guide and correct, while teaching principles and morals with love, so that they can grow up to be good, contributing members of society. If you are not the one teaching your child, who is?

One of the best things you can do for your child is to teach them a healthy level of self-esteem, and how to value their bodies, and their spirits. The sooner you begin to teach them this, the better-it will help them to better interact with others, stand up for themselves, and bring them success.

Teaching them connectiveness is a very important thing, and can help them socially and physically to adapt to the world. When they are babies and little ones, physically being affectionate and loving with them, accompanied with uplifting and positive words, can help them to learn love.

If you want to raise them in a religious way, introducing religion and scripture at a young age, in a way that they can understand, is another important step. You cannot expect them to suddenly want to participate and understand when they are older, if they were never exposed to it regularly when they were young.

You can do this through attending your church regularly, and showing them children’s videos of scripture stories. Reading them scriptures with them and setting a good example is another key step to instilling confidence and self-worth.

Make sure that you provide opportunities for them to feel that they are functional and important members of the family. They also need to be a participating member in school, their group of friends, a sports team, church, their neighborhood, and their community.

Teach your child good social and conversational skills by setting an example for them, teaching, and even practicing with them. Learning this while young will greatly affect their relationships later in life.

Tell them family stories, and talk about their ancestors, heritage, and nationality in a positive way. This will help them to form an identity, and connection to your family and your history.

Children need to feel that others think they have special qualities and talents. This begins with you-compliment them often, and point out their good choices and abilities.

Allow them to express themselves in their own individual way. Show respect for their thoughts and feelings, and they will learn to respect the thoughts and feelings of others.

Help them to cultivate a healthy curiosity and imagination. The more creative you can encourage them to be the better.

Give them responsibilities in the family and the home, and allow their input into decisions that affect them. Allowing them to feel heard and understood is very important.

Be sure to provide them with many opportunities to practice the things they have learned, and with many chances for interaction with others. Teach them good problem-solving and decision-making skills-these will become critical later in life.

Learning the consequences of mistakes is very important as well. This is where religion can play a very positive influence in their lives.

Provide a broad range of experiences for your child so they will have more confidence when facing new experiences. Encourage them to set goals, both small and big.

Remember that poor self-esteem can often be traced to a deficit in one of the four conditions of self-esteem – connectiveness, uniqueness, power, or models. This is where your abilities come in handy-you do not have to be the perfect parent to help them become great people.

If they are beginning to shows signs of poor self-esteem, take this as your cue to step in a make a positive difference in their lives, and their way of thinking. Today is the perfect day to begin.

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