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When parents decide to separate, they need to make decisions about child custody. Because the parents are now living in different places, they need to figure out where and with whom the children will live and a schedule for the children visiting the other parent. The best way to address these issues is to create a parenting plan.

A parenting plan during separation will include the times the children will spend with each parent, any upcoming holidays and where the children will spend their time, and any other information that the parents want to include. The parents can create the plan together and then go to court and have it made into a temporary custody order. Or, each parent can create the plan they want and go to court and have the judge decide. It’s better if the parents can come to an agreement together though, rather than leaving it in the hands of the court.

To decide where the children will live, the parents need to think about stability. It is in the children’s best interest to have a stable environment–especially because there is a lot of change in their family circumstances. If possible, the children should still live in their home. This means that the parent who stays in the home will most likely be the custodial parent. If the parents want to eventually have joint custody, they will need to work up to that (there needs to be some time for the other parent to establish a household).

The parents should consider work and school schedules as they come up with a visitation schedule. It’s important that children have about the same contact with their parents as before. This means that if both parents were very involved in the children’s lives, the parent who moves out should have frequent visitation with the children. Always think of your children’s best interest–even if it means inconvenience in traveling and shuttling back and forth.

Once your schedule is figure out, decide with the other parent about any provisions you want about custody during separation. Neither parent should plan on taking the kids on vacation during this time, and both parents should plan on keeping the other parent up to date on addresses, phone numbers, school issues, etc. Start good communication now so it carries over as you make your permanent parenting plan.

If you can establish a good temporary parenting plan, it will help you as things become more permanent. The more you can make decisions about your children together, the better your plan will work out. So, make a parenting plan right after separation to help your child custody situation.

Discover how Custody X Change can help with child custody & separation by letting you create the best parenting plan for you and your children.


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