Everybody likes to see their children become more responsible and successful in their life. However, the responsibility or the qualities to be successful doesn’t come overnight. It has to be inculcated right from the time the kid starts saying ‘Mom and Dad’. A responsible individual not only benefits the household but also benefits the society by being a source of inspiration for people around him or her. There are many ways of parenting a child. Given below is a set of success formulas for the parents to make their child responsible and successful in life.

The most important thing that every parent should remember is, more than a parent it’s important that you be a good friend to your child. Give your child the kind of comfort levels to share all the good and bad things with you right from his childhood days. It’s when the children reach teenage that they start hiding things from you. This is mainly because, they feel insecure and shy to share the things that happen especially when the hormonal change makes the child fell matured. There is another important thing to keep in mind. Never force your child to do something that he doesn’t like (but for his studies obviously). Once you start enforcing your child to do certain things, it tends to develop a kind of block in his mind. Too much compulsion may annoy them. Instead give them a bit of freedom and induce only things that are important.

A majority of the parents feel that if they spend more time with their children, they are their best friends. That’s the reason why a lot of people spend time with their kids watching programs using popular services like the Dish TV Packages. However, it is not the amount of time spent that matters; what really matters is the quality of time that is being spent with the kids. These days, both father and mother are working and it becomes difficult to spend time with their kids. Nevertheless, ensure that when you spend time, talk about good things, teach your child about the values of life. When the child is between the age group of 2-6, try to narrate moral stories; we all know the grandmas can do a good job in this regard. With the kind of experience they have in their life, they exactly know how to nurture the toddlers in the right and the best way possible.

In order to make your children more responsible, start giving them simple works right from a young age. You can take them for shopping, ask them to calculate and see if the amount is billed correctly or not, let them operate the washing machines and there is a lot of simple work that can be passed on to them. And, once they do the work, be sure to encourage them for what they have done. A gentle pat on the back gets them ask for more work.

As far as possible, make it a habit to get your children do their work on their own. Thus they will learn to be independent; and they also learn to become more responsible in the process. For example, let your children fold their own clothes. If they feel a bit lazy, then you might give them an extra hand and share a little bit of the work. Over a period of time, they will start doing it on their own.

As we all know, conflicts are bound to happen in a relation. If there is disagreement between you and your child, don’t shoot him down with words. Instead, make him understand the situation better. In the event of an outburst, the best thing that you can do is to leave the place and give your child some time to think over the matter. If he is still not able to read the situation, then you can sit with him and have a casual talk and explain him the situation better. More than being a parent, be a good friend to your children. That’s the best way to parenting your child.

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Before actually becoming a parent it is better to be prepared for everything and this why you might want to find the best parenting books. There are numerous books on the market, but many of them tell you the things that everybody knows, without going in the depth of the problems. Here are some books that you will like for sure.

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Child of Mine: Feeding with Love and Good Sense by Ellyn Satter

One of the most important aspects of parenthood is feeding. After a while it also becomes a minefield for parents, especially in case the child gets picky. If you get to read this book, you will know everything regarding the way kids should be fed, starting with babies and going up. There are also some good ways presented through which you can avoid to have fights during the mealtimes.

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk by Elaine Mazlish, Adele Faber

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It teaches you how to deal with the emotions of the child and also your emotions, including impatience and anger. In the end you will be able to make the children find their own solutions.

The Secret of Parenting: How to Be in Charge of Today’s Kids – from Toddlers to Preteens – Without Threats or Punishment by Anthony E. Wolf

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