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We had a great weekend running some errands in town, passing by the christmas market, having some deep conversation in the car and watching an amazing movie at the cinema. We hope you enjoy!

Spiritual Parenting - Healing Your Children

Get the full video at Future parents, current parents, caregivers – this is a video made for you and your little ones. Be the healer.
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Dr G, aka Dr Frank Gaskill, gives his Parenting 101 spiel by revealing his Big Kid/Little Kid routine, teaching parenting how to parent from a place of warmth and authority.

SEMINAR PARENTING Menjadi Pelatih Emosi Anak Part 1

PINTU INSPIRASI #2 Tema: Menjadi Pelatih Emosi Anak Part 1 Motivator: Dr. Amir Zuhdi.
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