Are you in need of positive parenting tips?  Are you having trouble with your children, and you are beginning to believe that nothing will help you?  Read along to see how this one tip can help change your life!

Before we get to the positive parenting tip that we believe will change your life, let us first identify the three main reasons why children act out, to see if this tip would apply or not!

The first reason a child will act out is because they don’t understand something.  Sometimes when a child doesn’t understand what is going on, or what is expected of them in a situation, they may, for a variety of reasons, act out.  For some reason, they don’t feel comfortable communicating what it is they don’t understand, or they may be just too young to be able to effectively communicate to you what the problem is.  In any case, it is good to keep this in mind when dealing with children, especially if they are very young.

The second reason a child will act out is if they need something.  This could pertain to something that they actually want, but it may very well be about some basic need.  They may be hungry, thirsty, cold, or too hot.  The same rule applies here.  The younger the child, the more difficult they may find it to let you know exactly what is going on with them.

This leads us to the final reason, and the positive parenting tip that has already been hyped.  A child will act out when they are afraid.  On the surface, this makes sense, and it may seem to not mean that much.  However, we need to take a deeper look at this potentially serious problem.

When a child is fearful, their stress levels go up.  When this happens, extra cortisol is sent to the brain, and they become disoriented.  This causes them to act out even more.  There are two very important reasons that we need to be careful about this scenario!

First of all, it has been proven that almost all regularly practiced forms of child discipline that parents use, cause increases of fear in children.  This includes yelling and screaming, punishing, belittling, lecturing, and much more.  Even using rewards causes fear because children become fearful of not being able to complete the task in which they would get the reward for.

The second major thing to note is that long term effects of increased exposure to extra cortisol causes teenage delinquency and sociopathic behaviors.  So it is ever so important, if you use the most commonly practiced discipline techniques, that you consider learning, and trying new methods.

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Paul Donahue has been a parent for over twenty years, and shares with you many of the positive parenting tips that have worked for him, as well as some things that haven’t. No matter the age of your children, there’s always a chance to turn things around. Don’t put off the chance to start over.

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No matter what you try, just remember to be consistent, and persistent, and you will, day by day, reach your goal of gaining control of your household. Now that you have started to do the footwork, don’t stop until you’ve found what works for you. Thanks for taking the time to read my article and profile. Good luck, and God Bless!

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