It’s a completely normal thing for parents to go fussing over the simplest of baby care choices. And one of the biggest debates among moms (and dads) is the diaper issue: cloth diapers vs disposables. There are actually many factors that you need to consider and this article will tackle them one by one. So read on and get informed.

Health concerns

Health-wise, disposable diapers are definitely not the way to do. This is because the materials used in most if not all of the disposables are made out of substances that are either toxic as they are or they can degrade into toxic substances later on. It makes use of Dioxin, a substance used for paper bleaching during the manufacturing process. It also contains TBT, a substance that have been known to cause hormonal imbalances in both animals and humans. The absorbent material found in disposables, which is sodium polyacrylate, increases the chances of toxic shock syndrome. All of these are never present in cloth diapers, especially ones that are made out of organic material such as cotton. Health wise: cloth diapers vs disposables, cloth diapers are the best choice.

Environment concerns

Majority of the substances that make out disposables are non-biodegradable substances. And given that 27.4 billion diapers are used up in the US per year, equate to a whole lot of waste. Flat out, using them is bad for the environment. Cloth diapers on the other hand, are simply washed and reused and will not result to any significant, non-biodegradable waste. So the question of cloth diapers vs disposables, environment wise, would be very simple to answer. A cloth diaper is the most environment-friendly choice to make.

Skin safety

Having urine stored inside disposables for a considerably long period of time is one of most common reasons for diaper rash. This is the reason why doctors recommend diaper change every 3-4 hours for newborns and even older babies. But with cloth diapers however, you are forced to change them every time the baby urinates which means urine is never in contact with the skin for a longer period of time. cloth diapers vs disposables, cloth diapers would be the best choice for skin safety.


Without a doubt, using cloth diapers can be very inconvenient. This is because they need to be washed every time they are soiled. This means you need to bring lots of them during travel and will need to wash them as soon as they are dirtied. Disposable on the other hand, when soiled can simply be thrown away. And to add to that, they can be used for longer periods of time, even after several wetting periods. So to answer the question, cloth diapers vs disposables? Convenience wise, disposable are the best choice to make.


Disposable diapers are costlier to use. This is because they cannot be used again, unlike the cloth diapers.

In conclusion, cloth diapers are the best way to go in terms of safety, health, cost and even being environment friendly. The only benefit of disposable perhaps is their convenience in use. So make your choice, choose well. As a parent, you can never afford to go for anything less.

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