There are many parents who never realized that children could have extreme cases of separation anxiety – that is until they experience it firsthand. Most people associate separation anxiety with pets that are left alone while their owners go to work. Both people and animals can experience symptoms of this very real condition. There is help available if your child exhibits signs of separation anxiety. Follow these tips for parents, and soon you will be able to leave your child without the crying and temper tantrums.

Parenting Help 101

Separation anxiety can lead to further issues if not handled when children are at a young age. Kids who have this issue normally begin to exhibit signs of it between three and five years of age. It will get much worse as they get older if you don’t seek assistance to overcome your child’s separation anxiety.

One of the most important tips for parents dealing with this problem is to never leave your child with someone that they don’t know. Many parents will call a friend to find a sitter that they use, and hire her to watch their child. This is never a good thing, and can trigger a full blown anxiety attack.

Let your child know that you would never leave him. Before attempting to leave him alone with the sitter, let your child know that the potential sitter visit for a few times only and that you will be back soon. Allowing your child to acclimate before leaving him alone is one of the most important tips for parents that you will need to know.

Day Care Devastation

Many people seek parenting help for when their kids start going to day care. This separation can seriously cause great anxiety for young children. Day Care can be exciting for your child, but it can be very stressful as well. You will need to prepare your child for Day Care before you even consider leaving him there for the day.

When you bring your child to Day Care, stay there with him or her. This will help your child to become comfortable with your child care provider. Kids that suffer from separation anxiety need to feel comfortable before they are left with others. This will increase their confidence levels.

You can slowly step out of the room, but remain in the building to acclimate your child to being away from you. One of the finest tips for parents is to NEVER walk away from a child exhibiting symptoms of separation anxiety.

Summer Camp Woes

Going to summer camp can be the biggest trigger for separation anxiety a child can go through in life. Use your positive parenting skills to reassure the child that he or she will be alright. Let him or her know that this is supposed to be a fun experience where he/she can make new friends.

You can prepare your child well in advance as opposed to springing summer camp on him/her. Having an open line of communication with your child is one of the best tips for parents that you will ever receive. Don’t just drop your child off and leave the separation anxiety issues to the counselors. You can avoid a detrimental situation by addressing his needs and insecurities. Use your parenting skills to encourage your child’s ability to have a fun camp experience.

Noah Brown is a freelance writer who writes extensively on parent child relationships and offer parenting help and tips for parents on raising children and handling child behavior. She inspires her readers towards watching motivating parenting videos which providepositive parenting

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