As a parent there is nothing more important then understanding your health and how important it is to parenting. If you’re not healthy, then your no help to your family and loved ones, you may even become a burden.

I have heard people make comments that the most important part of their life is their family, and that their family even comes before their own health.

Now, without a doubt, your family is very important…nobody is going to argue that fact. There is one aspect of your life that should take top priority, even over your family.

I’m not talking about putting yourself ahead of your loved ones, when medical or other family situations come up. We all have to step up and help out when certain situations arise, sometimes even at the risk of our own health.

I’m talking about not exercising, eating poorly (this includes over-eating, as well as, not eating), smoking, excessive drinking and what ever other bad habits that put our health at risk. To not look after our own health is an act of selfishness. If your health or life for that matter is all messed up, you owe it to your loved ones to clean it up.

If you just need a few minor tweaks, then do it. Put forth the effort necessary to make changes. In truth, you may be able to accomplish personal change on your own, but it could be a rough ride. I like to listen to interviews on Cd’s from the wealth creator a series of powerful interviews with some of the most influential and well known people from around the world. These interviews are with people like Jack Canfield, Robert Kiyosaki, Dr. John Gray, John Assaraf and Brian Tracy and many others.

Most of us have been programmed the wrong way. Take a look at your health and life, right now! Is it the way you always dreamed it would be? If you didn’t say yes, then you and I both need to change.

In our lives, our minds have been trained to think a certain way. We need to be introduced and understand new ideas and concepts that were not available to our parents. We have to be willing to change.

Only through personal change can we make a difference in our own and our families lives.

Hans K Anderson is a father of two who takes parenting very serious. Hans believes that being a better parent involves making changes to create a healthier life both physically and mentally. To make changes in ones life Hans exercises and listens to the Wealth Creator Source daily to learn new ideas and concepts to make these changes permanent.

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