For sure parents would like to give the best to our children and we would like them to maximize their full potential when they work their way around in this world. One of the best things that we can impart them is to give them the best education there is available. In regards to this, it is important to acknowledge that their mental development is crucial. And when there is an opportunity for them to reach their maximum mental potential, we will provide that to them.

Good news to all parents. Recent research shows that music affects brain development. There is a strong correlation that exists between musical training for children and certain other mental abilities. In past generations, singing and playing instruments was an integral part of family life. Music was a great way to express our feelings and entertain others in the process. Little did we know that this practice was exercising our brain causing us to be creative, more vibrant, smarter, and a lot more.

The emergence of advanced technology has allowed scientists to actually see brain activity via PET scans and MRI imaging scanning the blood flow in the brain. It is interesting to note that the human brain has four parts i.e. right/left brain and music makes all of the areas light up. In addition, new neural pathways in our brains are created as a person is learning and playing an instrument. Laurel Trainor, director of the Institute for music and the Mind at McMaster University in West Hamilton, Ontario says that a year or two of music training leads to enhanced levels of memory and attention.

Therefore, introducing your kids to music is a great investment for their mental development. Antoine Shahin of Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio found out that brain responses triggered by listening to musical sound increases with age and the greatest increase occur between the ages 10 to 13. And according to him, this most likely indicates a sensitive period for music and speech acquisition.

Early childhood music education is therefore highly recommended for your childs optimum growth. Music education offered in schools is one way of introducing music to your child. There are also alternative and more creative ways of teaching music concepts. One of which is Freddie the Frog which is quickly becoming the mascot of music education for kids. Sharon Burch, music teacher and author of the series, teaches music to the readers as they enjoy the stories. Freddie and his friends through their adventures provide an accessible and entertaining form of music education for use at school and home.

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