Anyone who has been a parent knows how hard the job is and how much you have to learn on the job without any real training.  Honest Parenting is an e-book by Daniel Craven that shows you some of the best methods to use when dealing with the difficult task of parenting.

Honest Parenting is designed as a helpful guide in how to relate to your child positively.  This should produce an outcome where you raise your child to be a well adjusted adult able to cope with the pressures of life and relate successfully to those around them.  Craven doesn’t believe in notions like reverse psychology and instead advocates a relationship with your child that is at all times based on honesty. 

In the e-book, advice is given on what to say to your child as well as what not to say and do.  The e-book reminds people that there are no magic solutions for relating to a difficult child and no magic pills to give your child.  It is believed that tactics and psychological strategies when used on a child simply cause that child to grow up as a manipulative adult and don’t result in any long term solutions. 

The objective of Honest Parenting is to build a positive relationship with your child where none may have existed before.  The e-book can be used on all children including those with difficult conditions such as attention deficit disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, bi-polar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and many others.  It is also said to be suitable for professional and non-professional people who deal with children on a day to day basis.  Others who can benefit as well as parents are: grand-parents, step-parents, uncles, aunts, foster parents, school teachers and principals.

Obviously no guarantee of success can be given, but many appear to have benefited from using the advice in the e-book.

It can currently be purchased for $ US49.95 with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.  I have studied the Honest Parent e-book and consider that it represents good overall value for money and is well worth trying.

I have a background in business as well as having worked for a boss in various employment from politics to the civil service.  I am currently involved in a consultancy where I advise on business start-ups in the renewable energy and building sectors.

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