Both teenagers and parents go through a hard and confusing time when the child goes through the adolescent stage. It is the time when the child is starting to develop certain traits and behavior that could either keep him/her in the right path or put him/her in the wrong direction of life. It is at this time when parents need some help with teenagers so they can nurture them and encourage dependable behavior in them. Below are some of the important points that a parent must be able to do for his/her child.

Showing Love To Your Kids
Love is an essential key in successful parenting.  In raising teenage kids, the more that parents need to show love to them.  You would need to give quality time to your children to show that that you love and care for them.  You have to listen as a child talks; you should always consider and respect how the child feels.  If you are to reprimand or praise your child, make sure that it is justified so it will not demoralize him/her. Each time you need to chastise him/her, make certain that you praise him/her twice.
Encouraging Bonding
Even if the child seems not to be interested in bonding with you and the family, you should never give up. Eat meals together and use this time to connect with your child by making friendly discussion while eating. Ask him/her how the day at school went. You could also invite or ask the teenage child to help you prepare the meals. When you are near to one another, it can be a good start for a conversation. Encouraging the child to speak with other supportive adults (like uncle, older cousin) for guidance may be of help.
Minimizing Pressure
Misunderstanding between parents and child may root from the fact that parents want their children to do exactly as they want them to do. With younger children, this may not be a serious problem; but with teenagers, who already have a mind of their own, it would seem like pressuring them. For example, a teenager would already want to choose his own clothes or hairstyle that the parent may not want for him. It is when the child decides to rebel and then express himself/herself to oppose what the parents want him/her to do. If a child becomes interested in body art like piercing or tattoo, ensure that he/she knows the risks involved like infections, hepatitis and allergies. 
Ensuring Online Safety
Nowadays, even young children already know how to use the web like chatting and social networking.  While the internet may be a source of good things, you should also remember that the internet is also a thriving ground for scammers and criminals.  Thus, you need to monitor and ensure your child’s safety online.  Make certain that you understand the technology or computer application that your child uses. Check on the website he/she visits. The computer should be placed, as much as possible, in the common area of the home like the living room where you can conveniently monitor your child’s online and computer activities. Find time to discuss with your child about the basic rules of safety when using the internet like not sharing personal information with anyone online, not sharing their passwords, not meeting people whom they have met online, not plagiarizing web contents, etc.

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