Are you having discipline problems with your children? If you are, scream free parenting is for you! Please pull up a chair and read along to find out if this is for you or not.

If you’re reading this, you are probably not happy with how things are going in your household. If it makes you feel any better, understand that, so many others are going through the same thing as you.

The economy is tight, and child grow up so fast. As a parent, it is so difficult to keep up with all of this.

In the end, you end up having to work allot, which makes being a good parent even tougher. Millions of parents are trying to do this as well.

All of this explains how tough things are. And yes, just about everyone else has it tough also, but, the bottom line is, that doesn’t make things better. You still have the same problems, and the same children, doing the same bad behaviors over and over.

Well, the main thing you should do is don’t blame yourself for the way things are in your family. If the situation above is like yours, things are already bad enough. Try not to add to the negative nature of things.

So the question is, now what? This is where scream free parenting comes in. Can you open your mind to the possibility that harsh discipline towards your children is not the answer? Does it even seem to be working lately?

Most parents believe that yelling and screaming at, berating, and lecturing their children, are the effective ways to keep their children in line. Does the end justify the means? And we ask again, do these methods really work anyway?

Whether you use these methods because you think they work, or they used to work, or your parents used these methods on you, doesn’t really matter. Many times we do things because of habit. And when we are so busy in our lives, we don’t often have time to really evaluate everything that is going on.

However, this is such an important issue. Your children are so precious, as is the entire family. It’s not time to put this off anymore. The time for finding solutions is now. So, as long as you are here now, let’s take just a minute to show you why being a scream free parent is so important.

Your children become afraid when you yell and lecture them, and this makes their stress levels go up. As a result, cortisol is made which then goes to their brain. This is bad as it makes them disoriented, and then they are prone to acting out some more. What then happens is all too familiar. You yell some more, and this whole scenario happens over and over.

There’s more devastating things that happen because of the cortisol. They will be prone to high blood pressure, low immune system, low bone density and thus osteoporosis, and memory loss which causes learning disabilities. All of this, in conjunction with probable low self-esteem from the harsh parenting, usually leads to teenage delinquency.

Most parents just want to bring up their kids with no hassles, and if they generally grow up normal, happy, and civil, everyone is satisfied. Sometimes, though, things take a turn, and before we know it, we are far away from where we started. This is unfortunate because children really only want to know that their basic needs will be met.

Do you want to learn the roots of bad behavior so you can make deep and lasting changes? Then…..

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