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Being a Mom is hard. Learning the best way to parent your child is difficult and requires patience, understanding, and a support system. Yogi parenting is an approach to positive parenting that gives you an opportunity to allow your child to make mistakes and learn lessons. The yogi parenting approach applies yoga techniques to parenting in an effort to provide a nurturing environment for your child.

There are many different techniques to try; you have to find what fits for your partner and yourself. Parenting books can provide different ideas and examples of what to do. Couples often have difficulty deciding the proper way to react to situations. This summer, take a deep breath and try a new style of parenting.

Yoga techniques can help you remain calm and stress free in situations with your child and it can be useful when disciplining your child. Come up with a system that encourages your child to do the right thing and then reinforce that behavior. Act in the present and ask them why they acted in that manner. Create an open, honest environment where it is alright to make mistakes and try new things.

If you child does something wrong show them they can talk to you without angry. Support their growth and development. Your child is learning right and wrong and through those experiences are developing their own personality. Set a good example by focusing on what they do right during the day. Open up dinner conversations to discuss one good and bad behavior that happened during the day. Give them choices and so they feel powerful as well. As you start to focus on the super things they do, you will stop noticing the negative.

Remember to be patient, stay calm, and most importantly, breath. It’s easy to overreact, but overreacting is not the best way to end problem behavior. Next time your child throws a tantrum, relax, take a deep breath, and act how you would want them to act. Following the yogi parenting method, reinforcement can be giving them a couple extra minutes of play time before dinner or letting her watch their favorite movie. Just remember to stay consistent with your parenting.

As parents, you learn as you go along. Find what fits for your family. Yogi parenting is one approach to positive parenting that may work for your family.


Maggie Fairchild is a writer for My Mommy Manual, a website that connects new and expecting moms with practical and inspired tips. Visit My Mommy Manual for more tips on buying a crib for baby as well as great parenting advice.

It’s not easy being a parent, particularly of young children. Whether you have one, three, five or more children, the premise is the same: It’s your job to provide 24/7 care for these little people. How do you do this without becoming completely exhausted? Here are some energy-saving ideas:

1. Chunking. This simply means mentally dividing your life into chunks instead of a thousand little to-dos which can easily overwhelm you. For example, all you have to do today is get the kids ready, run errands, play with them, and orchestrate the evening routine.

2. Buy in bulk twice a year. Call your local big-box store or retailer of choice and ask when they have their best sales each year. Plan to shop only during those periods and buy every non-perishable item you think you’ll need for the entire year. For example, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, diapers, wipes, cornstarch baby powder, toilet paper, paper towels (or extra dish cloths, a more environmentally friendly choice), trash bags, lotion, birthday/holiday cards, etc. This will save you so many hours of shopping and gallons of gas that you would have spent on frequent trips to the store.

3. Delegate. You’re not the only one living in your house so why should you do everything? Enlist your family to help you. Some families make a list of chores and post it on the refrigerator. Each family member (or if your kids are little, just you and your partner) chooses the chore they like best – or the chore they find the least objectionable.

4. Say “yes” to everything. Sounds crazy, but hear me out. The more you say yes to things, the more friends you will have. The more friends you make, the more help you will receive when you need it. Give what you need and eventually it will come back to you.

5. Don’t do everything for them. Okay, if your kids are very little you more or less have to do everything for them. But if they are around three years or older, teach them to do things for themselves. The sooner they are self-sufficient, the easier your life will be. Plus this helps your children build self-esteem when they can do things for themselves.

6. Stick to the routine and you’ll reap the rewards. Do you have friends whose kids go to bed late at night or whenever they want to? They need sleep and you need time to yourself and time with your partner. Enforce a consistent bedtime policy each night and watch how easy it becomes to put them to bed.

7. Be flexible. Make a daily to-do list but be prepared to ditch it if something more fun comes along. Or, with kids, you never know who is going to get sick at the last minute, act like a crybaby, or just feel clingy. Your main job is to be there for them; the rest of it can wait.

Most importantly, remember that they are only young for a short time. Ask any empty-nester and they’ll tell you that time goes by so quickly. Be sure to take some time each and every single day to focus on and really notice just how precious your children are.

Katie B. Marsh is author of The Parenting Game Plan: Negotiate, Compromise and Explore the Parenting Journey Together. A Unique Workbook to Help New and Expectant Parents.

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