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Thanks to advancement in information technology, the scope of getting proper information has been widening. Online parenting courses are really helpful for parents in bringing up children. Now parents have not to depend on family members for guidance on the issues pertaining to children. Here are 6 major benefits of parenting courses online.

One – When you opt for parenting classes away from home you need to leave your child at home; for that you need a babysitter. Online class on web does not have this problem. You remain at home and your toddler is in front of your eyes.

Two – The information available on web is huge. Every type of situation and problem has been discussed at depth by experienced people across the globe. This makes understanding parenting procedures all the more entertaining and easy.

Three- You have got latest solutions available online so that you can pick techniques which will help you in improving relationship with your child more effectively. Since with times every thing has changed so has parenting.

Four – You can ask for solutions for your personal problems from online parenting courses keeping anonymity. Normally people are reluctant to discuss their personal problems outside four walls of their home.

Five – You meet like minded parents on forums of online parenting courses. You will find that you are not the only one facing such a problem in parenting rather there are hundreds and thousands of people who have gone through those trying times. You can gain a lot from experiences of others. You will have a feeling that you are not alone and that will definitely work for your confidence building.

Six – Parenting courses will bring sea change in your attitude. You will be more sensitive towards the feelings of your growing child. You will have more realistic attitude for parenting

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As a parent of a wonderful nine year old daughter, I can tell you that my goal has always been to be close to my daughter. What parent doesn’t want to have a positive and friendly relationship with their child?

Unfortunately, parents get caught up in a mode of placing the need to be their child’s best friend and confidant ahead of being their parent. Children grow and develop very quickly. One minute, they are 18 months in diapers and saying short barely understandable sentences and suddenly they are 16 asking for the car keys!

…But what happened in those impressionable years of growth in between?

Mac Bledsoe, father of former NFL quarterback Drew Bledsoe, devised an entire parenting approach that he now travels the country introducing to folks in presentations. It’s called “Parenting with Dignity”. One of the best features of Mac’s course is the principle aligning your child’s choices with their age. For example, assuming that at age 18, your child will have 100% control over his/her world, then at age 2, he only gets 2/18th’s control (peeing, pooping, crying, mumbling) at age 9, he would get 50% control, etc..

Given that principle, even at age 17, your child still does not get complete control over his/her world. These older years are the toughest; especially if you have deviated from the path of “parent” in favor of an easier, less aggravating road as “friend” in their earlier years. Teenagers who have not experienced you as a consistent and regular “parent” will try to introduce democracy into the equation as they grow older, in an effort to sway the decision in their favor.

…much like they would do in a conversation with a friend.

Parenting is hard, but it is never a democracy. Only when your child has reached their 100% of control, can the relationship truly evolve into friendship and contain democratic decisions. Remain consistent in your messages and routines and insist that your child follow the same house rules they have known since day one. Be their parent and friendship will ensue once they reach adulthood.

Jason McIntyre is a Family Development Expert, with 17 years experience and certifications from The University of Maine and Cornell University. His website assists military parents with tips and advice for raising their “camo kids” Check it out at: You have permission to use this article, as long as this resource information is included and unaltered.

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