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Parenting the Children of Now

Parenting the Children of Now offers a refreshing change in perspective about parenting that aims at recognizing adult attributes and belief systems that ultimately lead to dysfunction. It then teaches healthy life skills to overcome these belief systems. It shows parents how to mine for their own truth, understand their purpose in life, stop sabotaging their own and their children”s lives, discover their passion, and live their truth. Each chapter offers insightful ideas and strategies, and ends with exercises for parents to do for their own development and another set of exercises to do with their children.

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You may be asking yourself I think I am doing a good job and do not need any help with my skills. Believe me, I use to say some of the same things to myself and I came to found out that I was doing some wrong things. Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs and responsibilities. There is no handbook to reference to when we raise our children. I am not a professional, and do not claim to know everything about parenting. We still learn every day along with our children. I finally came across a wonderful counselor who showed me the error of my ways. My husband and I needed to change our skills as parents.

“Your Past Should not reflect your Parenting Skills!”

The old way is not necessarily the good way. This is a huge misconception and where we go wrong in society. We base our parenting on how we were raised and most of the time that was even wrong. This cycle either continues or else we raise our children the polar opposite as we were. For myself, I was abused as a child and was not raised with love. Therefore I made sure that when I had my child I would not REPEAT the cycle. I was wrong because I overly compensated and was starting to spoil my son. I love him more than anything but I was creating a monster. I allowed him to get away with everything and not face consequences for his actions……WRONG! As with anything, I take personal responsibility for my actions. I am so glad that I discovered the truth and know now how to better parent with boundaries, discipline and much love. My husband on the other hand had a different perspective on parenting because of his past. It was wrong repeating the cycles of his past as well. His past as a child was the old way of spankings, switches and in my opinion beatings… I believe in discipline but not abuse.

Our children do not come with handbooks. They do not have classes on proper parenting in school, although they should. You are on your own and if you do not have the parenting skills you need, then you go off of what you know from your past. This may not apply to everyone but there certainly is a need for this subject. My parenting skills were all wrong and I didn’t even realize it.

“Parents, you are the example….”

In other words, you are your children. Your children are you. Your children are going to adapt and learn from what they see. That is why you must be the example for them. You must be selfless and really decide the parenting skills your children should live and see in the household. For example your children are sponges. They absorb what they are seeing. There are a few key factors that are important to what your children should be exposed to.

Not only the type of friends you have but who you have your children around. You must decide who and what your child should see and hear. It affects them. Take into account where you go and where you take your children.
Television and Music
Some of the shows on T.V. are not very good for children at any age. Monitor not only how much they watch but what they are watching. Even the cartoons have really took a turn for the worse. The music on the radio is even worse. My 4 year old is not exposed to that type of music at all. This secular worldly music is terrible for our children. YOU be the role model. Not some of these musicians and actors.
Emotions and Anger
Children are more than likely to repeat what they see. If you are yelling screaming, angry, depressed, using foul language. What do you think they are going to repeat? Exactly, just that. You have to be in control so they learn control. you must be selfless enough to do the right thing. When you think about it, What purpose does foul language serve? None, so why do it then?

I have briefly touched on this subject. Please look into this matter farther. You may think your parenting skills are fine. They may just be. However, our kids are worth the best. Thanks for reading and I hope I have help shed some light on this topic.

Ingrid Lee is a Work At Home Mom and has a 3 year old son. She is the author and web site creator of where you can find more information on parenting toddlers and fun activities. Learn great toddler health tips, nutrition advice and even how to save money while dressing your child. Her site is a great resource for parents with toddlers.

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