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Bill Cosby describes being a father and the frustrations of parenthood. Pieced together from his classic stand up concert film “Bill Cosby: Himsef”. NOTE: I …

Have you ever heard someone say, “Do as I say, not as I do?”  If you have said this as a parent to your child, they were probably left in a state of confusion.


Children are a gift from God and it is a parent’s responsibility to give them the best examples to follow when making life decisions.  When he places the arrow in his bow, an archer’s goal is to hit the mark.  Children are like arrows in a bow.  The direction you aim them in can be either positive or negative.  Parents are instrumental is making sure children have the best chance to accomplish what God intended for their lives. For younger children, children bible stories are a great way to introduce children to Godly principles. These are a few guidelines to help you get your child on the path God intended for to follow.


Realize that our society does not support Christian living. The shows on television, the much on popular radio stations and what is being taught in public school rarely has anything to do with Christian principles. Left to themselves, children may never learn what God’s plan is for their lives. The Bible is the first source of direction for a parent in raising a child.  The solutions to raising Christian children are all found in this book of the ages.  You must inspect your parenting methods and make sure they meet God’s criteria set forth in the Bible.  Make an effort to correct any harmful parenting you may have experienced when you were being raised by your parents.


You must examine your own life before you can instruct your children on they way they should go. Do you have a “relationship” with Christ?  Is Christ reflected in the way you conduct yourself at home, with friends or at work? If you are just following a set of rules laid out by a religious organization, you will not be successful in raising a Christian family.  Faith without works is dead.  As parents, you should make every effort to live a life that glorifies God.


Make sure biblical scriptures have a prominent place in life decisions and in your home. Along with teaching your children the Word of God, make sure they know how to apply it to their lives.  Even though the Bible was written long ago, the principles found in the Bible can be applied to our lives today.  There are great children bible stories that will show your children how to apply the Word of God to everyday life.


Be consistent in the time you spend with your family studying the Bible. Find scriptures that offer solutions to everyday life problems. Your children will learn that the Bible is a road map and that it needs to be consulted regularly, not just in times of trouble.


Christianity is more than taking your children to church every time the church door is open. Through your personal walk with Christ and daily devotional time, you will show your children how important it is to have a relationship with Christ and you will instill in them a Christian lifestyle. Never underestimate the way you live your life in front of your children. The examples you set will be remembered long after your lectures have been forgotten.


Encourage your younger children with the Word of God through the use of children bible stories. The Bible is full of stories that encourage people along the way. These words of encouragement are not just for adults. They give children insight on how to live a Godly life and how to have profitable interactions with other people.


Trena Richards

I live in Southeast Texas and have been a freelance writer for a few years. My passion is sharing my faith in the life changing power of Jesus Christ.


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